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Retired Peer Support Officer Program

Retired Peer Support Officers (RPSO’s) are ex police members and they voluntarily provide confidential support to members who have retired, resigned or been ill-health retired from the Victoria Police Force, or any other Police Force or Police Service. RPSO’s are available to assist any ex-members who may be experiencing the following: Stress, PTSD, Depression and other mental health issues. RPSO’s are trained to recognise various symptoms & problems, and assist their colleagues through listening, understanding & providing appropriate options and assisting with referrals where necessary.

RPSO’s receive the same training provided to current serving Victoria Police Peer Support Officers. However, we operate under the banner of the Retired Police Association of Victoria.

RPSO’s are NOT counsellors and do NOT make psychological assessments. RPSO’s have great communication and listening skills, they are trained in psychological first-aid, suicide awareness and have problem solving skills.

There is no charge for the service provided by the Retired Peer Support Officer program. The request for an RPSO is via the coordinator so that the most appropriate RPSO can be assigned to the ex-member.

RPSO’s have access to various resource staff, Psychologists, Clergy & other support agencies.

The RPSO program is supported by:

The Police Association of Victoria, and

Retired Police Association of Victoria

Victoria Police Peer Support

For more information on the Retired Peer Support Officer Program, please click here.

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Animal Assisted Crisis Response Australia (AACRA)
AACRA have launched a crowd funding pledge, entitled Comfort Dogs in Times of Trauma.

This project aims to train Melbourne based dogs and dog handlers to provide Animal Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) services for Australians needing support in times of crisis. The Melbourne based dogs and their handlers will already be certified as animal assisted therapy or activity dogs but this project will specifically train them for crisis response work. This is an important project because many individuals, families, communities and even emergency response workers are affected by man-made and natural disasters as well as smaller scale crisis events. These specialist dogs are a unique volunteer based service that can assist these people.

The funds being sought for this project will allow AACRA to set up a non-profit organisation with the aim of launching a pilot of these services in Victoria. There is professional interest and much good will in this project however funds are required to progress this work further and evaluate its suitably within the Australian context. Our Australian based project is called AACRA (Animal Assisted Crisis Response Australia) and all work in developing and piloting this project will be on a voluntary not for profit basis.

For further information on this project and to donate to the cause, please click here