2013 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 7th biennial conference, The Dynamics of Resilience: Building synergies between responders, recovery agencies and communities was held on the 28th and 29th of October, 2013. Below are copies of the information presented:

Annie Cantwell-Bartl – Responding to Trauma Over Time: Loss, Stress and Paths to Recovery

Carmen Lawrence – Driving Social Change: Factors that Influence Resilience

Chris Santalucia and Irene Brumen – A Clinical Scoping Model for Assessing Critical Incident Response in EAP

David Younger – Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth in Health Care Professionals

Debbie Hawker – Resilient Workers in Traumatic Environments

Erica Russ – Resilience in Child Protection Workers

Filomena Bua – Dogs As Crisis Assistants?

Gabby Skelsey – And Then There Was Sunlight… Because the Building Had Gone: EMDR – A Case Study of 9/11

Gina Mammone – The Role of Resilience in Pre-Incident Education for Emergency Service Personnel

Gino Carrafa – The Heart of Resilience

Grant Broadbent-Smith and Neville Braybrook – Use of an Animated Psycho-Education DVD to Lessen the Effects of Trauma

Ian Mannix – The Media as a Source of Resilience in the Aftermath of Emergencies

Jennifer McMahon – A Place Called Resilience: How Do We Get There?

John McEwan – Shaken and Stirred Up: Lessons from 2,000 Earthquakes in Christchurch

Julia McKenzie Palmer – The Development of the Yeronga Flood Recovery Centre in Queensland: From Seed to Sapling

Lyndsal Scobell – Community Led Disaster Recovery for Cyclones Larry and Yasi: Same Communities, Different Cyclones

Michael Tunnecliffe – The Development of Staff Support in Australia and the Challenges Ahead

Patricia Newton – An Analysis of Why the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch of Surf Life Saving Peer Support (TIPS) Team Has Survived

Paul McFarlane – Building Resilience at NSW Ambulance

Paul Scott – Caring for Others in Crisis: A Practitioner’s Reflection on Survival

Peter Kueffer – Resiliency: The Next Phase of Crisis Intervention for Emergency Services

Petra Skeffington – A Resiliency Program for Western Australian Fire and Emergency Service Workers

Rob Gordon – Resilience, Consilience or Desilience: How to Bounce-Back in the Right Direction?

Sven Hansen – Seven Keys to Professional Resilience

Tony Culnane and Paul Scott – Crisis Intervention: Integrating EMDR Protocols for Paraprofessional Use with CISM Interventions

Virginia Banks and Di Beckett – Critical Incident Response in Schools


2011 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 6th biennial conference, Responding to Crisis and Disaster: Building the future by learning from the past was held on the 14th and 15th of November, 2011. Below are copies of the information presented:

Alexina Baldini – Developing the Workplace Capacity to Respond

Anita Egginton – What Happened After the Floods

Barry Henwood – Surviving a Crisis

Chris Healy – Making Meaning Out of Disaster: The Role of Emergent Groups in Post Disaster Communities

Dan Casey – Helping the Traumatised through Education, Certification and Deployment

Danny Bodycoat – The Impact on Police Responding to Black Saturday

David Forbes and Tracey Varker – Guidelines for Peer Support Programs: An International Consensus Project

Dawn and Lyndsay Smith – Enjoying the Peer Support Journey Together

Karen Dickson – Psychosocial Needs of People Post Disaster: A Complementary Approach

Kokpeng Lim – Supporting our Healthcare Providers: The Singapore Experiment

Lesley Harding and George Habib – Who Cares: A Holistic Approach to Staff Wellbeing in Child Welfare

Linda Espie – Capturing Artistic Expressions: Exploring Narratives of Trauma and Grief

Lou Harms – Trauma Responses: Looking at Resistance, Resilience and Recovery

Michelle Grimshaw – Ritual as a Tool for Building Community Resilience after Trauma

Priscilla Nelson Feaver – The Funeral Directors Role Following Disasters

Rob Gordon – The Course of Recovery after Disasters

Steve Pascoe – Supporting Communities Following Emergencies: A Medical Analogy

Please note: some presentations are not available at this time, however will be made available to CIMA as soon as the Author has revised his/her notes and presentations.