2017 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 9th biennial conference, Innovations and Developments in the World of Trauma was held on the 23rd and 24th October 2017. Below are copies of the information presented.  Videos of conference presentations are available for download purchase in the CIMA Shop.

The Immersive Bushfire Experience (part 1)

The Immersive Bushfire Experience (part 2)

The Immersive Bushfire Experience (part 3)

Mr Andrew Paterson – Resilience in Policing in South Australia

Ms Margie Braunstein – Moving Beyond Trauma

Ms Colleen Pearce – Acquired Brain Injury and the Criminal Justice System

Associate Professor Tony Walker – Mental Health Matters @AV

Mr Rob Heaslip – Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces in High Risk Industries

Dr Brian McErlean – A Visit to the Mind Temple: Suicide Prevention in Veterinarians

Mr Samuel Eddy – Don’t Wait for Trauma to Cope with Trauma: True Innovation in Nursing

Behind the Seen – Emergency Service Workers and Trauma: Encouraging Early Help Seeking and Facilitating Stigma Reduction Utilising an Innovative Lived Experience Program

Rev. Sandra Johnston and Mrs Liz Pennington – Zapp and Google App

Sister Nicole Rotaru – Smarty Pants, Kitty, or Tiger

Mr Peter Kueffer, ESM – PTSD: A New Direction

Mr Craig Lapsley – Reflections on the Bourke Street Incident


2015 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 8th biennial conference, Crisis Across the Community: Learning from Experience was held on the 30th November and 1st December, 2015. Below are copies of the information presented:

Assoc. Professor Lisa Gibbs – Social Influences on Disaster Recovery

Dr Rob Gordon – What are the Real Stresses of Longer Term Recovery from Disaster and Trauma?

Mr Vic Tamati – Family Violence: It’s No OK

Mr Peter Kueffer, ESM – Traumatic Incident Reduction: Case Studies in Australian Emergency Management Services

Ms Jolie Wills – Supporting the Supporters after a Major Disaster

Mr Naoki Kokawa – Lessons from the Triple Disasters: Think the Unthinkable

Dr Michelle Tuckey – Towards Bullying-free Workplaces: Confronting the System Issues

Mr Jill Fisher – Caring for those Who Care for the Bereaved

Dr John Durkin – Research in Trauma: Shocks, Shrinks, and Statistics


2013 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 7th biennial conference, The Dynamics of Resilience: Building synergies between responders, recovery agencies and communities was held on the 28th and 29th of October, 2013. Below are copies of the information presented:

Annie Cantwell-Bartl – Responding to Trauma Over Time: Loss, Stress and Paths to Recovery

Carmen Lawrence – Driving Social Change: Factors that Influence Resilience

Chris Santalucia and Irene Brumen – A Clinical Scoping Model for Assessing Critical Incident Response in EAP

David Younger – Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth in Health Care Professionals

Debbie Hawker – Resilient Workers in Traumatic Environments

Erica Russ – Resilience in Child Protection Workers

Filomena Bua – Dogs As Crisis Assistants?

Gabby Skelsey – And Then There Was Sunlight… Because the Building Had Gone: EMDR – A Case Study of 9/11

Gina Mammone – The Role of Resilience in Pre-Incident Education for Emergency Service Personnel

Gino Carrafa – The Heart of Resilience

Grant Broadbent-Smith and Neville Braybrook – Use of an Animated Psycho-Education DVD to Lessen the Effects of Trauma

Ian Mannix – The Media as a Source of Resilience in the Aftermath of Emergencies

Jennifer McMahon – A Place Called Resilience: How Do We Get There?

John McEwan – Shaken and Stirred Up: Lessons from 2,000 Earthquakes in Christchurch

Julia McKenzie Palmer – The Development of the Yeronga Flood Recovery Centre in Queensland: From Seed to Sapling

Lyndsal Scobell – Community Led Disaster Recovery for Cyclones Larry and Yasi: Same Communities, Different Cyclones

Michael Tunnecliffe – The Development of Staff Support in Australia and the Challenges Ahead

Patricia Newton – An Analysis of Why the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch of Surf Life Saving Peer Support (TIPS) Team Has Survived

Paul McFarlane – Building Resilience at NSW Ambulance

Paul Scott – Caring for Others in Crisis: A Practitioner’s Reflection on Survival

Peter Kueffer – Resiliency: The Next Phase of Crisis Intervention for Emergency Services

Petra Skeffington – A Resiliency Program for Western Australian Fire and Emergency Service Workers

Rob Gordon – Resilience, Consilience or Desilience: How to Bounce-Back in the Right Direction?

Sven Hansen – Seven Keys to Professional Resilience

Tony Culnane and Paul Scott – Crisis Intervention: Integrating EMDR Protocols for Paraprofessional Use with CISM Interventions

Virginia Banks and Di Beckett – Critical Incident Response in Schools


2011 Conference Presentations

CIMA’s 6th biennial conference, Responding to Crisis and Disaster: Building the future by learning from the past was held on the 14th and 15th of November, 2011. Below are copies of the information presented:

Alexina Baldini – Developing the Workplace Capacity to Respond

Anita Egginton – What Happened After the Floods

Barry Henwood – Surviving a Crisis

Chris Healy – Making Meaning Out of Disaster: The Role of Emergent Groups in Post Disaster Communities

Dan Casey – Helping the Traumatised through Education, Certification and Deployment

Danny Bodycoat – The Impact on Police Responding to Black Saturday

David Forbes and Tracey Varker – Guidelines for Peer Support Programs: An International Consensus Project

Dawn and Lyndsay Smith – Enjoying the Peer Support Journey Together

Karen Dickson – Psychosocial Needs of People Post Disaster: A Complementary Approach

Kokpeng Lim – Supporting our Healthcare Providers: The Singapore Experiment

Lesley Harding and George Habib – Who Cares: A Holistic Approach to Staff Wellbeing in Child Welfare

Linda Espie – Capturing Artistic Expressions: Exploring Narratives of Trauma and Grief

Lou Harms – Trauma Responses: Looking at Resistance, Resilience and Recovery

Michelle Grimshaw – Ritual as a Tool for Building Community Resilience after Trauma

Priscilla Nelson Feaver – The Funeral Directors Role Following Disasters

Rob Gordon – The Course of Recovery after Disasters

Steve Pascoe – Supporting Communities Following Emergencies: A Medical Analogy

Please note: some presentations are not available at this time, however will be made available to CIMA as soon as the Author has revised his/her notes and presentations.