Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia (CIMA) is a not-for profit foundation dedicated to the prevention, mitigation and effective management of critical incident stress and trauma for personnel in emergency services, police, corrections, health, welfare and related services.  It provides training and support for workers in these agencies in managing the impact of disabling psychological stress and trauma in their work. In addition it supplies advocacy and consultancy services to small enterprises seeking help with local workplace incidents by providing a conduit between these groups and qualified personnel.

Its origins go back to the mid 1980’s when contact was established with the American based International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).  Agreement was later reached to adopt much of their training material which is being used by a wide range of major organisations including the United Nations, World Vision International, the US National Fire authority and major international airlines.

Formerly known as the Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation of Australia (CISMFA), its name was recently changed to reflect the broader educational focus which has taken place over the past two years, and which is outlined below.

CIMA is registered in Victoria as a not-for-profit charity and is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

CIMA’s main activity is to deliver a range of one- and two-day training courses throughout Australia on topics including Individual and Group Crisis Intervention; Strategic Response to Crisis; Suicide Prevention; Peer Support; and Acute Trauma Counselling. These are delivered by a highly qualified group of trainers with extensive professional counselling experience. The number, location and range of courses has grown over the past two years in response to an identified need and includes a new course on Managing Violence in the Workplace and one on Communicating Bad News, which is often traumatic for the deliverer.  Of particular interest is a new two day course in Psychological First Aid, developed by a renowned expert, Dr. Rob Gordon, from experiences and material gained from more than 25 years of dealing with Australian and International disasters.

CIMA also conducts a biennial international conference with presentations and workshops from leaders in their field, the most recent (2013) focusing on building community resilience following disasters. Another CIMA initiative in 2011 was to bring to Australia, Dr John Durkin, PhD, for a series of lectures in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore on Post-Traumatic Growth.

If you, or your organisation are interested in making a donation to CIMA, please contact our team.